Local gifts & Local cuisine MORITA

The souvenires in Towadako

What is"Himemasu"?Do you know that?

 "Himemasu"are freshwater salmon and they are grown in TOWADAKO.

And it is most famous specialties in TOWADAKO.

There are many other specialties in TOWADAKO.(WAKASAGI fish,wild plants,etc)

MORITA has been opening  local gifts and local cuisine shops since 1931.

MORITA is open at a place called YASUMIYA in lakeside of TOWADAKO.


Local gift shop

・Retort HIMEMASU fish ready to eat for gift

・Sweetened boiled WAKASAGI fish

・TOWADA TANKAKU beef curry for gift

・Vegetable pickles from TOWADAKO.


Local cuisine restaurant



・Ramen  ・Curry ・Oden

・BARAYAKI(Fried beef&onion)

Hot snacks

・Deep fried fish cake

・Grilled beef tongue


・Ice cream


A building with a green loof is our shop.

You can see entrance of TOWADA shrine and big tree in the back.

And turning right in front of the shrine entrance is a parking lot.


Oirase takes 15 minutes by car from our shop.


Local gifts & Local food MORITA

486 yasumiya

towada-kohan, okuse

Towada-shi, Aomoriken

018-5501 Japan