If you stay at a hotel near Lake Towada between mid-May and July, try waking up around 5 a.m. and looking outside your room window.

If there's mist, you're in luck. As the mist gradually clears, you'll be able to witness the sight of the sky merging with the lake.

Whether you choose to see the dragon emerging from the sea of clouds from the observatory or admire the boundary-less view of the sky and lake by the lakeside is entirely up to you.

Do you find this photo beautiful? It's even more impressive in person, you know.

You can enjoy these views just 30 seconds after getting out of your car.

The dragon of Lake Towada emerges from the clouds.

When the mist clears, the boundary between the lake and the sky becomes indistinguishable. It's a showtime for about an hour only on sunny mornings.