About local cuisine restaurant MORITA


・Business hours AM.11:00~PM.15:00(Lunch time only )

・Our restaurant using rice worship at TOWADA shrine,because wishing for a customer's good luck.

・Our restaurant is very small.(Only chair seat 13).If you come by more than six people in the day time ,you may not be able to sit down the seat.

・This restaurant will be absent from December until April,but we will open restaurant in festival place at February  winter festival .



Himemasu oyako meshi


HIMEMASU SASHIMI and HIMEMASU fish eggs on the rice .

This SASHIMI and fish eggs has salty taste.But if you want more taste,please put on the rice that mixing soy souse and WASABI.


Price ¥1950


HUmemasu tempura bowl

This is tempura bowl using whole HIMEMASU. Please eat it with  Japanese pepper powder in green bottle.There is also a source on the table,if you want more source.



Salt-grilled HIMEMASU set meal

It is very popular dish in TOWADAKO. But it need cooking time over 15

minute. Because we can't make it when our restaurant busy(T_T). Please eat it with soy source and lemon. Rice can be replaced.


Price set meal ¥1450

          fish only ¥950



Our restaurant use only very fresh HIMEMASU. Please try to both taste, WASABI and ginger.


Price set meal¥1700

          sashimi only¥1100



 It is the amount of two ordinary sushi. It might be good to eat with ramen.


Price 2 pieces ¥450


If you order this sushi with other dish ¥400


BARAYAKI set meal


BARAYAKI is soul food of TOWADA city. This dish is fried beef and onion. This sweet spicy sauce is very nice.

Price  ¥1300

TOWADA garlic pork curry and rice


What is TOWADA garlic pork?It is a pig which grew up to eat garlic. Because TOWADA city is famous for garlic, so because pig meal also garlic. This meat smells very nice.This curry is very Japanese style curry.


Price ¥700

tOwada garlic pork katu curry

This dish is curry and rice with deep fried pork. "KATU " meaning deep fried pork in Japan. It also traditional Japanese food.

Of course KATU also TOWADA garlic pork.


Price ¥1200

Niboshi ramen

It is very traditional and popular ramen in AOMORI. Soup is dried sardine soup.The noodles are thin and cracked.Our restaurant only use vegetables and fish soup,but meat is pork. Please tell our staff when you don't need meat.

Price ¥700

Chashu ramen

This soup and noodle is same NIBOSHI RAMEN, but this ramen put on much meat. This meat also TOWADA garlic pork.


Price ¥950

soft bone pork stew

 People in North Tohoku often eat pork cartilage. This is a dish that boiled it softly. Bone is like jelly.


Soft bone pork stew  set meal ¥1400

Soft bone pork only ¥800