About local cuisine restaurant MORITA


・Business hours 11:30am~2:45pm(Lunch time only )

・Our restaurant uses rice prayed at TOWADA shrine as wish for our customer's good luck.

・Our restaurant is very small.(5 seat at the corner,16 seat tables). If your group is bigger than  six people, not be able to sit down right away. 

・Kid's chair is also available.

・We are closed between December and April. Only open for the Towadako winter festival at the festival menu.


"Himemasu Oyako-mesi" has run out of Himemasu roe. So “Himemasu Oyako-mesi" is currently cancelled.


Hime-masu oyako-meshi


Our signature dish, Hime-masu Sashimi and Hime-masu fish eggs on the rice .

This Sashimi and fish eggs have salty taste.But if you want more taste,please put on the rice that mixing soy souse and WASABI.


Price ¥2300

(comes with Hime-masu fish sauce soup,small dish and pickled radish)


HUme-masu tempura bowl

Tempura bowl using whole Hime-Masu fish. Please try it with  Japanese Tempura spices in green bottle.There is also a source on the table,if you want more source.



(comes with Hime-masu fish sauce soup,small dish and pickled radish)

Salt-grilled HIME-MASU set meal

Very popular dish in TOWADAKO. 

Please eat it with soy source and lemon. Free refill for rice.


Price set meal ¥1750

(comes with Hime-masu fish sauce soup,small dish and pickled radish)

          fish only ¥1150



Our restaurant use only very fresh Hime-masu. Please try both condiments, WASABI and ginger. Free refill for rice.


Price set meal¥2050

(comes with Hime-masu fish sauce soup,small dish and pickled radish)

   sashimi only¥1450



2 pieces of sushi.  It is the amount of two ordinary sushi. Recommended eat with ramen.


Price 2 pieces ¥600


If you order this sushi with other dish ¥500


BARAYAKI set meal


BARAYAKI is soul food of TOWADA city. This dish is fried beef and onion. This sweet spicy sauce is very nice.

Free refill for rice.


Price  ¥1500

(comes with Himemasu fish sauce soup,small dish and pickled radish)

TOWADA garlic pork curry and rice


What is TOWADA garlic pork? These pigs grew up to eating garlic. Because TOWADA city is famous for garlic, so pigs also eat garlic. This meat smells very nice.This curry is very Japanese style curry.This curry is not spicy, so even children can eat it. Adults should eat it with chili powder on the table


Price ¥800

tOwada garlic pork katsu curry

This dish is curry and rice with deep fried pork. "KATSU " means deep fried pork in Japan. It is also traditional Japanese food.

Of course we use TOWADA garlic pork for our katsu.


Price ¥1400

Niboshi ramen

Very traditional and popular ramen in AOMORI. Soup stock is dried sardine.The noodles are thin and curly .Our restaurant only use vegetables and fish stock, but meat on the noodles is pork. Please tell our staff when you don't need meat.

Price ¥800

Chashu ramen

This soup and noodle is same NIBOSHI RAMEN, but this ramen put on much meat. The meat is also TOWADA garlic pork.


Price ¥1100

soft bone pork stew

 People in North Tohoku often eat pork cartilage. This is a dish that boiled it softly. Bone is like jelly. Free refill for rice.


Soft bone pork stew  set meal ¥1600

(comes with Himemasu fish sauce soup,small dish and pickled radish)

Soft bone pork only ¥1000

Explanation of set meal

① Rice・・・This rice was prayed for at Towada Shrine. This is because the wish is that good luck will come to those who eat this rice. In the old days, Lake Towada itself was thought to be a god. If you eat the rice you prayed for at Towada Shrine and Hime-Masu grown inGod Lake, you will surely be lucky.


② Soup・・・ Seasoned with Himemasu fish sauce. The ingredients are bamboo shoots from Nemagaridake harvested around Lake Towada, or edible chrysanthemums from Aomori Prefecture. Around Lake Towada, there are bears infesting and it is dangerous, so bamboo shoots have become valuable.


③ Pickles・・・Pickled radish colored with turmeric or pickled chopped vegetables with chrysanthemum. Since vinegar is also used, the taste is solid, but the salt content is about 1% (about the same as soup), and it also contains lactic acid bacteria, so I think it's good for your health.  Sometimes I also use cucumbers and eggplants. All homemade.


④Candied simmered・・・Comes with smelt, Akita butterbur, or Hime-masu. All of them are boiled with  only soy sauce and sugar. In smelt habitats, smelts are usually not caught during the spawning season. However, in Lake Towada, smelt is a bad fish that steals food from Hime-Masu, so it is caught during the spawning season.


⑤Small bowl・・・Stir-fried wild vegetables. We use the ones collected around Lake Towada or from Aomori and Akita prefectures.

What is “Towadako-Himemasu”?

The Hime-Masu is a red salmon that spends its entire life in lake.

Three years after hatching,the fish becomes an adult and finishes its life after laying eggs.

This fish does not grow very large, hence the name "hime" trout, which means "little trout".

Other examples of Japanese names include Hime-Odorikoso (Lamium purpurium),

Hime-Arikui(Lesser Ant Eater), and Hime-Uzura(Blue-breasted Quail).


This fish loses its freshness easily, and if left at room temperature or touched too much, it willsoften quickly.

Hime-asu becomes soft the day after it is caught.Therefore, it must be made into sashimi on the day it is

caught. That's why you can't taste real Hime-Masu unless you come to Lake Towada.


Hime-asu are hatched by humans, but they live in a natural lake for about three years by eating natural

food. Some people believe that this fish is farmed in a fish tank, but they are wrong.


Every day, the Hime-asu fishermen of Lake Towada board small boats alone to catch Hime-asu.

They go fishing even on snowy days and on days when the lake is too rough for the tour boats to operate.

However, there are times when the Hime-masu cannot be caught at all on days when the storm is too severe,

and the stock may not arrive. Don't you think most people don't know that there are fishermen who risk

their lives to catch fish in these mountains?


"Towadako Himemasu" is a Hime-masu that is shipped under strict quality control by Hime-masu professionals

who engage in net fishing.”Towadako Hime-masu” is the only Himemasu in Japan that has received a


"regional group registered trademark". (as of April 2023)