About local gifts shop MORITA

The gift shop business hour. 9:00am~6:00pm

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Usually our grandpa and grandma are in the shop. And they can not use credit card machines very well.

So, we are sorry but between 11:00am and 3:00pm closed , you may not be able to use credit card or QR pay.

Our shop closed except for Saturday and Sunday between December and April.

Our original gifts

All items introduced here can be stored at room temperature, 

and they are good for 1 month or longer.

These products are pre-cookd, so you can open the bag and eat them right away.

gRIlled himemasu with salt

Our original Towadako Fresh Salmon Products.

We grilled  HIMEMASU  in our restaurant with salt only.


It can enjoy the whole fish.

Heat up in hot water or microwave for the best flavor.






・HIMEMASU(Freshwater salmon)



Price ¥1350

Storage Room temperature.

Himemasu Marinated in olive-oil & herb


Pickled HIMEMASU fish in olive oil with laurel. It is softer than grilled HIMEMASU and great with beer /wine.



・HIMEMASU(Freshwater salmon)

・Olive oil

・ Laurel leaves 


Price  ¥1350

Storage Room temperature.



180 grams big HIMEMASU cooked with Sansho Japanese pepper harvested at the mountain of Towadako. Great for souvenior.



・HIMEMASU(Freshwater salmon) ・Sugar ・Soy sauce(Including wheat flour.Alcohol) ・Sweet sake  ・Granulated sugar ・Japanese pepper leaves ・Japanese pepper powder /・Alcohol


Price ¥2100

Storage Room temperature.



Sweetened boiled WAkasagi fish

WAKASAGI is a small fish grown in TOWADAKO. They are caught between May and June. You can see a lot of them at that time in the lake. The ones with eggs are especially delicious.





・Soy sauce(including wheat flour)

Price  ¥700

Storage Room temperature.

candied FUKI with soy sauce



FUKI is wild plants that can be picked around TOWADAKO.

It is vely popular wild vegetable in AOMORI and it can be found easily. But cooking them is very difficult and it takes a lot of time. This product is easy to eat just open a bag and enjoy!





・Soy sauce(Including wheat flour)


Price ¥650

Storage Room temperature.

Flowers and vegetables pickleD


Traditional pickle using vegetables of Aomori and Akita and eatable flower "KIKU" .  We loved to eat on white rice. The vegetables used for this product are grown by us  around Towadako.




・ KIKU・Japanese ginger ・Radish・Carrot ・Burdock  ・Shiso leaf seed・Green pepper ・Soy sauce ・Salt ・Bonito flakes ・Seaweed・Shiitake mushrooms/・Amino acid・Fumaric acid ・Alcohol


price ¥580

Storage Room temperature.

Seasoned rice with vegetables


How to make this seasoned rice?

It is very easy. 

1.Put the rice(350g) and water(550cc)  in the pot.

2.There are dry vegetables and MISO powder in the package. Take them out  and put them in the pot.

3.Bring to boil with low heat. Be careful not to burn rice.

Easier if you use a rice cooker. Just put them in a rice cooker, mix with rice and cook.



1.Dried vegetables

・Black been ・radish

・Carrot・Burdock・Fried tofu・Shiitake mushrooms/・Tofu coagulant・Citric acid・Vitamin E・

2. Miso powder

・Rice miso ・Bonito flakes・Seafood extract・Sugar・Bonito fish soup stock (Salt.Sugar.Bonito fish flakes.Seafood extract.Yeast extract)/Amino acid


Price ¥700

Storage Room temperature.

Dried wakasagi


It is dried WAKASAGI fish. Simple and tasty and your hand will not get dirty.Of course you can store this product at room temperature.







Price ¥325

Bakke miso



BAKKE means sprout of FUKI. BAKKE MISO is very traditional food here. You may find it a little bitter. Many Aomori people puts this on rice or udon,or eat it with SAKE.

This product is made by local  grandmothers. Of  course our shop grandmother too.They pick them early morning and cook them with sweet MISO over a long time.






・Sweet SAKE


PRICE ¥450

Storage Room temperature.


The AOMORI Apple gifts

Apple pie

I'm sorry just for a picture of a box.It is very famous apple pie in AOMORI. There is eight pieces palm-size pies in the box. Custard is delicious with this soft pie.


・Flour・Apples preserve ・Margarine・Egg・Syrup・Vegetable oil・Sugar・Non-fat dry milk・Milk protein・Salt・Sweet SAKE/・Modified starch・Food emulsifier・Aromatic preparations for food・Thickening polysaccharides・Food preservative(Sorbic acid)・Acidic ingredients・Antioxidants(Vitamin C)・Colours(Safflower yellow, Carotene)


Price ¥1360




Apple chips

It sliced and deep fried  AOMORI apples. Just the right sour and sweetness are just right.




・Vegetable fat


Price ¥325



Freeze dried apple

It is what made AOMORI apples freeze-dried.

Even babies can eat  this apples because it is soft. 




Price  ¥430




Apple chocolate

Aomori apples in a box! Fun and cute gift.



・Sugar・Cocoa butter・Lactose・Vegetable oil・Whole milk powder・Non-fat milk powder/・Emulsifier・Red yeast・Aromatic preparations for food(Apple)


Price ¥325




Apple tea

Apple tea with great aroma.



・Black tea

・Aromatic preparations for food(Apple)


Price ¥400


Apple candy

Apple candy in a nostalgic can.



・Sugar・Syrup・Apple juice


Price ¥380

For your dog and cats


It WAKASAGI fish of TOWADAKO  for dogs and cats.

How is it different from human products? This product does not use salt, because for animals. Pink labels for cats,green labels for dogs. Make your dogs and cats happy with this gift!


Ingredient ・WAKASAGI


Price ¥325

Storage Room temperature.