About Hot Snacks MORITA


・Business hours AM.9:00~PM.17:00

・We will cook from receiving orders.We need cooking time about 4 or 6 minute.

  You can wait at the gifts shop while cooking.



Hot Snacks Menu


MISO-TAMPO is grilled mashed rice with sweet MISO paste.

 All Japanese thinking this is Akita's traditional food, but it is on the old book that MISO-TANPO was eaten in AOMORI prefecture before over 200 years ago.Originally it was a traditional hunter's (MATAGI) mobile meal. The mashed rice can easily be thawed by fire in a cold snow mountain. TANPO meaning the spear of that like form.


This is made only vegetables.


Price 1 piece¥250



Grilled rice cake with sweet MISO paste. MISO is same MISO-TAMPO,but this is rice cake. It is a rice cake that crushes all grains of rice.  


This is made only vegetables.


Price 1 piece¥250




This items seems meat when eating, but this is not meat. It is only vegetable making. The ingredients are beans and yam powder. Seasoned soup is seaweed and shiitake mushrooms. It is vegetarians meat.

Price 1 piece ¥300

grilled beef tongue and chicken meat balls

This is a kind of YAKITORI. Japanese calling TUKUNE.

This TUKUNE has beef tongue in it.

Price 2  piece¥400

Deep fried fish cake

There are beans,carrots,seaweed in this fish cake.We served always freshly-fried fish cake.


Price 1 piece¥400