The dragon god of lake Towada.

There is one old legend in Towadako.

Once upon a time.

The beautiful woman of dragon lived in Towadako.

She was being bullied by the Hakkouda-ponds dragon who comes to this place many times a month. 

One day, a monk named "Nansobo" arrived at Lake Towada.

Nansobo  gained eternal life by marrying the beautiful dragon woman lived in Towadako and after he become the blue dragon.

After fighting hard seven days with the Hakkouda-ponds dragon and Nansobo  was won,he became the lord of the Towadako now.

He still protecting Towadako as a god of blue dragon of Towadako.

This faith in the blue dragon is born about 1200 years ago. And this faith was spreading throughout Tohoku. And this legend of Towadako was already known in Kyoto 600 years ago, 800 kilometers from Towadako. Moreover, it is also published in old books written at that time.







Do you know  Nanbu-han?

It is one of administrative division of Japan that were present about 200 years ago.

Nanbu-han is a large area straddling north Akita, whole Aomori and whole Iwate prefectures.

The feudal lord of Nanbu-han also had faith in the blue dragon god of Towadako.

The  feudal lord name is Nanbu Toshinao.

Toshinao believed to himself that Nansobo is his previous life , and made a place  to honor the blue dragon of Towadako in Morioka.

It is Eifukuji-temple in Morioka.

Even now the temple exists in Morioka.

The stone pillar in Morioka in the photograph engraved as Towada blue dragon god.


There are Hacinohe city in Aomori prefecture also has a base for Towadako faith.

It is Fugenin-temple.

Old times people of faith came to Towadako while syaing for 3 nights spend from a starting points Fugenin-temple.


Hachinohe city and Morioka city are far from Towadako. However, people of faith walked for spend many days to come toTowadako.

And there were not only two bases of faith but many places. 

The god of Towadako was so important to people of that time.







This is the view seen from Fugen-in. Fugen-in is the starting point of Hachinohe side of Towadako faith.

This temple is 60 kilometers away from Towadako.

You can see the long and straight road started from the front of Fugen-in. This indicates that Fugen-in is very important place. Naturally, the dragon god of Towadako is an important god in this temple.


This is starting point of  Towadako faith on Akita Prefecture side. The name of this waterfall is Nana-taki. You can go close to this powerful waterfall. There is also a shrine to dragon god in front of this waterfall.

The Shimeitei observatory was one of the place to worship the blue dragon god in Towadako. Two peninsula are visible to the head and tail of the dragon. The god of Towadako lives here.


There is a hotel called Towada-sou in Yasumiya-village.

At this place,more than 200 years ago, already there was many rest areas for people of the worship.


The village name "Yasumiya" means a rest area.



This is Towada shrin. The building is surrounded by wonderful sculptures. This building is new, built 1941. There is a small building behind this building. It is a little older than this building and was built in 1884.


If you go up the mountain behind the shrine, you can see the dragon's head on the other side.This is the place closest to the head of the dragon without using boat. So it'very sacred place.It is the goal of traditional Towada faith to make a wish on the head of the dragon in this place.

It is belived that  if you have faith to this god, he will fulfill your any wish.